Upcoming Sales

14 Dec Okaruru Dorset Down & South Down Ram, Gore
14 Dec Temuka IHC & Weaner Calf
14 Dec Charlton, Gore
15 Dec Wharetoa Genetics Ram, Clydevale
15 Dec Adams & Seaton Suffolk & Suftex Ram. Canterbury Park
18 Dec Waiareka
18 Dec Temuka
19 Dec Lorneville
19 Dec Canterbury Park
20 Dec Balclutha
21 Dec Charlton, Gore
21 Dec Temuka Store Cattle
8 Jan Waiareka
8 Jan Temuka
8 Jan Foveran Deer Park Elite Sire, Kurow
8 Jan Deer Genetics NZ 3 Year Sire,
9 Jan Lorneville
9 Jan Canterbury Park
9 Jan MacKenzie on Farm Lamb
9 Jan Mt Hope on Farm Lamb, Roxburgh
9 Jan Deer Genetics NZ 2 Year Sire, Geraldine
9 Jan Peel Forest Estate Sires
9 Jan Rupert Red Deer, Geraldine
10 Jan Balclutha
10 Jan Oakley on Farm Lamb, Glenroy
10 Jan Rothesay Red Deer, Methven
10 Jan Littledale/Goriavale Deer, Mt Hutt

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New Account Application Form

Unit 7B, 303 Blenheim Road
PO Box 8669 , Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand 
Tel: +64-3-348-1040, Fax: +64-3-348-1082 
0800 RURALL (787255)



Terms of Payment: The purchase price plus GST together with any additional charges due are payable by the purchaser to the company within 14 days from the date of delivery unless otherwise specified.  Grazing charges plus GST are payable 14 days from the date of invoice.  "Stock" means and includes live and dead stock, stud stock, stock feed, plant, machinery, motor vehicles and all other chattels and where appropriate includes any share in the foregoing which have been offered for sale.  Rural Livestock Ltd will account to the vendor for the net proceeds within 14 days of the delivery date.

Interest: Rural Livestock Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at Rural Livestock Ltd's bank's unsecured commercial overdraft rate plus 2% for the time being calculated on a daily basis. Continued noncompliance will result in the account being closed, and the account being handed to a debt collection agency or solicitor to instigate debt recovery action to recover amounts outstanding. All costs of collection including debt collector’s fees and legal costs on a solicitor/client basis will be added to the account.

Stock: Title to stock shall remain with the vendor and not pass to the purchaser until paid in full as set out in terms of payment above.  If the purchaser sells stock to a third party in the normal course of business, the purchaser shall receive the proceeds of such sale on behalf of and as trustee for the vendor.  If the stock are delivered before the purchaser has paid the purchase price in full, and the purchaser fails to pay the invoiced amount for the stock in accordance with the terms of payment recorded in this agreement or any other agreement with the purchaser, the purchaser irrevocably gives the vendor or his agent leave and license without notice to enter upon any premises occupied by the purchaser to search for, inspect and repossess the stock without incurring any liability whatsoever for such actions.  Should the stock be repossessed in accordance with this clause, the vendor or his agent may resell the stock at the purchaser's risk and expense and any loss on resale shall be recoverable from the purchaser.

Risk: The vendor shall be responsible for loading stock on the carrier.  On completion of loading the risk in stock shall pass to the purchaser.

Agency: Rural Livestock Ltd will not accept any responsibility at the suit of the vendor, purchaser or a third party either as principal or agent for any loss or damage either in contract, tort or otherwise concerning the sale or delivery of goods.  Any person to whom delivery of stock may be given whether nominated or appointed by the purchaser or by Rural Livestock Ltd purporting to act on the purchaser's behalf, shall for all purposes be deemed to be servant of the purchaser and Rural Livestock Ltd shall not in any way be liable or responsible for any act or omission of such person.  The rights and remedies of Rural Livestock Ltd under this agreement shall not be affected by reason of its having deducted commission and other legitimate charges and the purchaser hereby waives the right of set off as against the vendor.

Rural Livestock Ltd reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions by written notice to the vendor or purchaser.

I/We confirm that we are not aware of any information that we have not disclosed to Rural Livestock Limited that would affect Rural Livestock Limited's willingness to provide us with a credit account. In applying to open an account, we undertake that we will at all times abide by the Terms & Conditions and/or Terms of Trade of Rural Livestock Limited from time-to-time in respect of accounts.

I/We undertake that all information we have provided to Rural Livestock Limited in relation to any matter up to the date of this Application in true & correct.

I/We authorise Rural Livestock Limited to contact any third parties & obtain any information about us to enable Rural Livestock Limited to accss this Application to open an account.

I/We also agree that in future Rural Livestock Limited shall be authorised to acess any information any third party holds about us for the purposes of reviewing our account.

Please complete the details below to apply to open an account with us:

Trade References (please provide a minimun of two)

(note if individual please give date of birth for credit check purposes)