Upcoming Sales

14 Dec Okaruru Dorset Down & South Down Ram, Gore
14 Dec Temuka IHC & Weaner Calf
14 Dec Charlton, Gore
15 Dec Wharetoa Genetics Ram, Clydevale
15 Dec Adams & Seaton Suffolk & Suftex Ram. Canterbury Park
18 Dec Waiareka
18 Dec Temuka
19 Dec Lorneville
19 Dec Canterbury Park
20 Dec Balclutha
21 Dec Charlton, Gore
21 Dec Temuka Store Cattle
8 Jan Waiareka
8 Jan Temuka
8 Jan Foveran Deer Park Elite Sire, Kurow
8 Jan Deer Genetics NZ 3 Year Sire,
9 Jan Lorneville
9 Jan Canterbury Park
9 Jan MacKenzie on Farm Lamb
9 Jan Mt Hope on Farm Lamb, Roxburgh
9 Jan Deer Genetics NZ 2 Year Sire, Geraldine
9 Jan Peel Forest Estate Sires
9 Jan Rupert Red Deer, Geraldine
10 Jan Balclutha
10 Jan Oakley on Farm Lamb, Glenroy
10 Jan Rothesay Red Deer, Methven
10 Jan Littledale/Goriavale Deer, Mt Hutt

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We are the second largest livestock agency in the South Island, with a strong presence at key regional livestock selling centres and with a close association with major meat processors and livestock traders. What's more, we always strive to provide the best service possible to our farming clients.

We offer:

  • experience and unbeatable expertise
  • valuations, drafting
  • auctions and private sales
  • geographical spread over much of the South Island
  • dedicated dairy, stud stock and deer agents
  • finance available (conditions apply)

Please contact your nearest agent and find out how we can help your business.