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Tidy Capacity Xbred Cows - Southland

Ref: 77-19
Tally: 893
  • BW:83
  • PW:112
  • RA%:96

Well farmed tidy Xbred cows doing the goods.

Asset 1 Agent: Matt Brinsdon

Outstanding Xbred Cows

Ref: 77-22
Tally: 320
  • BW:115
  • PW:153
  • RA%:100

Well farmed Xbred cows which is a credit to the farming practices.

Asset 1 Agent: Matt Brinsdon

Xbred Good BW/PW Cows - Southland

Ref: 77-20
Tally: 300
  • BW:126
  • PW:162
  • RA%:94

Very tidy well recorded xbred cows from a closed herd.

Asset 1 Agent: Matt Brinsdon

Friesian/Friesian X Dairy Herd - Otago

Ref: 60-65
Tally: 300
  • BW:91
  • PW:111
  • RA%:94

Predominately Friesian herd 10 % Jersey.

Asset 1 Agent: Peter O'Neill

In-Calf Mixed Age Dairy Cows To Be Auctioned

Ref: 55-06
Tally: 117

These Cows will be auctioned at the Charlton Saleyards on Thursday 25th June at 12.30pm 18x2yr: 13x3yrs: 10x4yrs: 14x5yrs: 18x6yrs: 7x7yrs: 10x8yrs: 5x9yrs: 12x10yrs and 10x11 plus.

Asset 1 Agent: Rodger Eade
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