To those who believe farming should be a team game…

Welcome to Rural Livestock

You know that when a top sports team ‘clicks’, something special’s about to happen on the field. Well, we believe it’s pretty much the same with farming. That’s been the experience of our farmers and our beef, sheep, dairy, deer and stud stock agents since 1988.

Upcoming Auctions


Asset 1 Date Time Asset 1 Type
15 Monday Waiareka 10:00am -
15 Monday Temuka 10:30am -
16 Tuesday Lorneville 9:00am -
16 Tuesday Canterbury Park All Stock Excl Store Cattle 9:00am -
16 Tuesday Overhill Ltd On Farm Ewe 1:00pm -
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There's nothing we like more than helping farmers get the right animals at the right price - and the right price for the right animals. Our team of agents would love to help you achieve just that, too - please feel free to contact us.

Livestock Managers & Agents

The relationships with our clients are the key to our success. We have agents throughout the South Island.

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