Rural Livestock can help you source the stock you need with over 50 agents throughout the South Island

Rural Livestock is in the business of helping farmers trade livestock in the South Island of New Zealand. We have over 50 local livestock agents throughout the South Island working day in and day out to help farmers get the best possible trade available in the market on the day. The livestock trading industry is a huge part of the backbone of the New Zealand economy and it is the players in this market's responsibility to do the job and do the job well.
Rural Livestock has built a powerful network over the years that links farmers with farmers, farmers with meat processors, farmers with financial resources and farmers with animals.
This network reaches the width and breadth of the South Island and beyond, linking provinces, climatic areas and farm types and people. Not much has changed in the way Rural Livestock does business over the years. We stay on top of all compliance and regulations updates to keep you informed and help you get the most out of your operation. Our network has a wealth of experience and collectively we keep our fingers on the pulse to stay ahead of the curve. But at the end of the day, it is the trust that exists between people that is the foundation of the livestock industry.
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Helping farmers trade since 1988

The company was started by a group of successful stock agents in 1988 with some of those agents still shareholders today and actively working in the business. The company has divided the South Island into three main regions and have several sub-territories within these regions.

Canterbury | Otago | Southland

The different regions operate with their own regional manager. The teams have a healthy mix of younger and more experienced agents servicing the territories and the farmers within these regions. Rural Livestock is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the overall governance and management of the company and ensuring that all stakeholder and shareholders are satisfied with the direction and trajectory of the company.

All of the shareholders are actively working in the business as livestock agents as is the stipulated in the company’s constitution. The company has grown over the years and currently there are over 65 people including agents, management and administration and support staff working to help keep our clients trading their livestock.

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The Rural Livestock team consists of a balanced talent pool of experienced agents and young upcoming agents. This talent pool and true mentorship provided by the regional managers and the more experienced agents ensures that Rural Livestock will be around to help this generation of farmers and the next and the next. If you are considering a career as a Livestock agent, we are always open for a discussion. There are clearly defined career paths in the business for the right person. 

The livestock trading industry is a huge part of the backbone of the New Zealand economy and it is the players in this market's responsibility to do the job and do the job well.

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Rural Livestock is not a large corporate organisation that has to wait for bureaucratic cogs to turn before anything can be done or any decisions implemented.


The Management team along with the regional managers keep a close eye on the teams and developments in the market and are poised to adapt if needed. The regional teams are very much in tune with their fellow regional agents, are well connected and in constant communication with the regional managers who track progress and provide support as required. The teams are agile within their regions and assist each other through fluctuations in the regional markets.
We take pride in running auctions at the various saleyards all over the South Island as well as many on farm sales for our clients. Auctions and auctioneering are great strengths that we aim to maintain and build on.
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