Farming can be lonely at times.

That’s why we make it a team game ….. linking farmers with farmers, processors, animals, and farms. It’s a strong network of lasting partnerships.

You know that when a top sports team ‘clicks’, something special’s about to happen on the field. Well, we believe it’s pretty much the same with farming. That’s been the experience of our farmers and our beef, sheep, dairy, deer and stud stock agents since 1988.

Our patch is the South Island. In fact, we like to think of the South Island a bit like a sports field. Why? Because it helps us see – and act on – what’s happening right across that field. It helps bring the benefit of the widest possible picture to individual farmers no matter where they play. Anticipating and identifying opportunities across the paddock. 

So, while the core of our business is the one-on-one agent/farmer relationship, just as important is the network of relationships.  Together we’ve built a powerful network the width and breadth of the South Island – linking provinces, climatic areas and farm types. 

The network links farmers with farmers, farmers with meat processors, farmers with financial resources, farmers with animals.

The network includes our support team on the sidelines. They are to our team on the field what the All Blacks’ coaching and medical team are to their players. We’re incredibly proud of what they do. Day-in, day-out they make a big difference for our farmers.

And the network is becoming virtual as well as physical. While there’s nothing quite like sighting an animal in the flesh, we’re developing new options to bring buyer, seller, and animal together for the best outcomes, all-round.

Rural Livestock:

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